Alexander Panayotov “head over heels” in love

Александр Панайотов «по уши» влюбился
The singer was overwhelmed with emotions.

Alexander Panayotov

Photo: @Instagram Alexander panaiotov Panayotov

Alexander Panayotov, finalist show “Voice”, like many other stars, held the first may day celebrations for walks. The singer did not take trips to tropical countries remained for the weekend in the capital. Walking in Moscow, Alexander discovered that he was in love. The object of the award was the city itself: its atmosphere and architecture.

“I’m in love! I have a love affair with this city! The third day, on the wave, get lost in it unknown to me the streets and alleyways, discovering previously unseen beauty, tasting the fragrance of spring, coffee, and sounds of the enchanting music in my ears. And you know, for me this is perfect may…” said Panayotov.

The singer said that in his city there are special “places of power” where he comes to relax and recover energy. “My previous sites already occupied by hipsters, tourists and guests of the capital. I thought I had nothing new to find… when suddenly, during one walk, my legs brought me to the same magical place… what an island of serenity and tranquility in the jungle of the bustling metropolis… of Course there are also people.. but they are few… and such a hidden place… not everyone is smart enough to go to the coveted arch. So to all who still walks in, we exchange glances and smile at each other as if behind the scenes we are members of some secret and exclusive club! This is definitely something there,” he added.

By the way, some time ago it became known that the heart of Alexander employs not only a favorite city and a lovely girl. He has several years is in a relationship with her Manager catey.