Jennifer Lopez debuted on the red carpet with her handsome macho

Дженнифер Лопес дебютировала на красной дорожке со своим красавцем мачо
The singer surprised the audience with an unexpected outfit.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Photo: @justjared Instagram

Jennifer Lopez appeared first on
official event — it was the annual Met Gala ball
in new York with her boyfriend
Alex Rodriguez. Lopez was as usual very good in their baby blue
dress by Valentino, complemented with earrings from Harry Winston and a handbag from Judit Leiber Coutur.

This time, however, Jennifer has amazed guests
events unfamiliar to her modesty outfit: wore Lopez threw
mantle with a train, to cover her shoulders and neckline to the neck. And
after just a few days ago, during the ceremony, Billboard Latin Music
Awards in Miami, Lopez shone on the stage in a transparent outfit from Julian
Macdonald, woven from shiny black thread, worn on the naked body, which gave
an opportunity for the audience to consider her gorgeous forms.

As for yesterday’s appearance
Jennifer at the Met Gala, she couldn’t be happier with. Singer
posted a few photos from this event in his microblog, and under one of them, where it
captured with Rodriguez, she signed: “This is me and my handsome macho man!”

Roman, Jennifer, Alex started a couple of months
With Mar Lopez and Rodriguez began to regularly appear in public together, and lately
they are generally practically inseparable, even when busy with their work. For example,
the singer was accompanied by Alex on his business trip to Miami, and he flew with her
concert in Dominican Republic. Moreover, both have already managed to acquaint the elected representatives with their relatives and
the twins of Lopez and Rodriguez daughter from his previous marriage, become best friends.
So there is every reason in the foreseeable future to wait for the banns
Jennifer and Alex.