The heir to Sergei Zverev married

Наследник Сергея Зверева выходит замуж

The son of Sergey Zverev does not communicate with the father because of long-standing quarrels do not often talk to the press about his personal life. Sergei became the hero of the program “You would not believe”, where he talked with journalists and told about his imminent marriage.

Наследник Сергея Зверева выходит замуж

Sergei Zverev, Jr. has no relation to the starry world, unlike his father. It works as a labourer in a hotel. Heir lives on the outskirts of Kolomna. Now his heart is not free. and the man is serious in relation to his beloved.

“Yes, my heart is not free. I’m Dating a girl, she works as a receptionist in hotel. Dad and her have never been introduced, if not yet provided. And why is yet to do,” said Sergei Zverev, Jr.

The girl herself did not want to appear before the eyes of journalists. It is known that the older son Zverev for a couple of years, but this does not prevent the active development of relations of couples. Such life does not bother Sergei, and in Moscow it is very rare. With his father as well, is seen as an opportunity. The salary of the handyman about 30 thousand rubles, which is enough for food and payment of utility bills.

A little later, Zverev appeared on the program “the Stars aligned”, where he admitted that soon to be married a second time. He appeared together with his beloved Julia. She said with star the father of the beloved are not familiar with. Heir stylist is going to issue the relations in a registry office, although the previous marriage is still not terminated. “Numbers 20-21 is going to apply to the Registrar. While the relationship is not formalized, but we have big plans for the future,” he told the handyman.

Наследник Сергея Зверева выходит замуж

As the son of a star father believes that he does not consider need met with each of her friends of his son. “He has lots of girlfriends, not to meet me with each. No one needs” — confessed celebrity stylist.

The first crack in the relationship of son and father is the youngest to marry a simple waitress. Zverev was against the marriage and tried to dissuade the son from his rash act. The engagement still happened, despite the fact that many were against it. “I began to call strangers, ask why I made this wedding. They argued that the choice of the Ann is a woman of easy virtue. Of course, he didn’t believe me, the engagement break up,” says Sergey.

Arguably, the public, and father was right, because marriage ultimately did not last year. Sergey Jr. as not commented my previous marriage and trying once again about the past not to remember. But he admits that he is officially with the former not yet divorced.

Where now dwell the son of a celebrity, his relatives almost no one knows. Its quite satisfied with this humble life without too much attention. He doesn’t want to associate themselves in any way violent world of showbiz.