Jennifer Lawrence got into a bar fight

Дженнифер Лоуренс подралась в баре

In the framework of the new movie “Mama!” directed by Darren Aronofsky, Jennifer Lawrence, who played there the main role, on Friday, September 15, visited the show Late Night with Seth Meyers and gave an interview. The actress spoke about the incident with her fight in marriage and that does not want children.

Дженнифер Лоуренс подралась в баре

If the film Aranofsky girl had been in the mother role, in life she does not want to have children of their own, that starts to bother her. “Every year I am less and less want to have children, which is starting to bother me. I don’t think this is normal. At 21-22 years old I really wish I had a child, and now… — says Lawrence, the host and the audience.

Lawrence told me about the incident that happened with her in Hungary during the filming of “Red Sparrow”. Of course, a different fight is not over, but an unpleasant aftertaste case left. “In Hungary, my colleagues and I went to relax in the bar. I was approached by a man and asked to be photographed,” the beginning of your story Jennifer. “But I refused, and he rudely replied. I poured him a beer, but a friend quickly reassured me and asked me not to waste alcohol waste.” Now the actress remembers the old incident with a smile. After the incident, when the actress was in the bathroom at the bar, one of my friends came and asked, “What is this guy all wet and crying?”. The presenter said, “I Hope that those of you who at the moment was able to capture the event.”

Started transmission with what Lawrence said about the horror film, which terribly frightened her. She saw the 2009 film “haunting in Connecticut”, from which I could not move for another two years. She discussed the poster with the leading and ridiculed PostScript “Based on a true story”. “I couldn’t even safely go to the toilet, because immediately ran back to the bed, screaming “They’re coming!”” says the actress.

The girl also told about his work with a cast and crew of the film “Mama!”. Jennifer was just in awe of Michelle Pfeiffer. “I couldn’t stop to talk to her.” admits Lawrence. The Motion Picture “Mama!” Darren Aranofsky, registerbased movies “Requiem for a dream” and “Black Swan”, talks about a couple. they live in the house, which she rebuilt herself. But the idyll terminated unexpected guests, who eventually dwell in the house.