Miley Cyrus hasn’t released a new album “Younger now”, but writes the following

Майли Сайрус еще не выпустила новый альбом «Younger now», но уже записывает следующий

Foreign controversial performer Miley Cyrus did not have time to release their new album entitled “Younger now”, as already recorded a couple of songs from the following. 24-year-old singer visited the Studio on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge along with leading Clara Amfo in order to talk about their new album. Despite the fact that the recording will only be available on 29 September, the girl is already preparing something new for his fans.

Майли Сайрус еще не выпустила новый альбом «Younger now», но уже записывает следующий

“I kept the album for myself,” says Cyrus about her music. “I wrote the first track of his album “Malibu” in June last year and released it in April/may. The time has come. I kept it too long!”

Miley Cyrus still can’t say exactly what he wants to do next. But the singer admitted that he is already preparing fans for the new album. The singer recorded two songs that will be included in it. “I’m already working on the next album. I’ve already written two songs,” the girl admits.”The work is done. I want to understand what to do next. Luckily, I can relax — to spend time with the dogs, help a little more with the pigs, have fun. But still continue to write.”

Of course, Miley doesn’t call his fans to ignore the album just because it’s different from her previous letters. Fans of the singer noticed that the songs in “Younger now” have a more relaxed, country character. She acknowledged that the album will get the success of popular songs, but he still deserves a place to be.

Майли Сайрус еще не выпустила новый альбом «Younger now», но уже записывает следующий

Cyrus wants her records played on radio, because like him he didn’t hear. “Now, when I listen to the radio, don’t hear songs like my,” the girl admits. “I hope that radio will play them.” Cyrus said that for each success different. “What can be a success for others, for me, is not.”

“I just want people to love music as I am, first and foremost,” continues Cyrus. “I want to be proud of it, and I hope that my fans love this, as well as new fans. Hope all the proud records. I’m very happy.”

Recently the girl paraded across the stage in a swimsuit and flaunt your sexy outfits. She has earned popularity for its scandalous appearance and behavior. But now Miley admits that self-improvement is what she really wants. The first improvements can be seen now, as in her music and in appearance. Cyrus began to appear in a positive environment, dominated by bright colors. For example, in the BBC Live Lounge, where she in addition to interview performed a few new songs and old hits, there were a lot of bright scenery colors of the rainbow. The singer performed in a white loose t-shirt with the image of Elvis Presley.

“Of course, people evolyutsioniruet and for me, music is necessary for various reasons every year,” says the singer. “Every year we experience something new.” Cyrus also spoke about their responsibility to the environment. Through music she wants to teach fans to be more environmentally friendly. Not only the environment, but also political and social experiences shows in her songs.