The grandmother of the victim at the concert of Snoop Dogg girls is suing the rapper

Бабушка пострадавшей на концерте Снуп Догга девушки судится с рэпером

A huge number of people at concerts often leads to a stampede in which many are injured. The recent performance of Snoop Dogg and wiz Khalifa almost ended in tragedy for many fans of these musicians. During a concert of metal and at first glance a strong boom under the pressure of the crowd just happened. The entire crowd “fell” forward. Someone received only minor injuries and fright, but for a 16 year old girl it was a bit more serious.

As reported by TMZ, the girl fell on the concrete into the orchestra pit from a height of 10 feet (about three meters) and received a fracture of the wrist.

To forgive the incident the organizers of the concert and the artists themselves the girl’s family did not want. The grandmother of the victim addressed with the statement in police with the requirement to bring vinovich to justice.

As pointed out by the pensioner in his statement, in the midst of the speeches from the stage sounded: “Get your ass over here!”. Mobs rushed the dance floor to their idols, demolished the fence and knocked down several rows of concert-goers, who were standing closer to the stage.

Representatives of the rappers yet did not comment on it.