For the role of Khal Drogo has hinted at a return to “Game of thrones”

Исполнитель роли Кхала Дрого намекнул на возвращение в «Игру престолов»

The embodiment on the screen Khala Drogo in the TV series “Game of thrones” the female half of the audience didn’t leave indifferent. This mountain of muscle and brutal charm is loved by many because when this character died, many mourned him as a native person.

The performer of the role of Drogo Jason Momoa intrigued their fans with an unusual message. The actor in the social network Instagram hinted that may soon take place in his second coming.

On his page, the actor posted a photo in which he is naked to the waist, and in comments said that he had completed shooting the film adaptation of the cartoon “the justice League” where he plays Aquaman.

“Too many people I must thank for the hard work on the set of “the justice League”. Today a farewell party. I am so grateful to our cast and crew. Love you. Never missed a farewell party because, as you know, I’m a big fan of food and fun! Unfortunately, I’m preparing for the North” — written by Momoa.

Whatever it is, is damn intriguing! What do you think, did the creators of “Game of thrones” is ready to return to Khal Drogo? Will they be able to do it considering the fact that the hero died?