Ksenia Sobchak in childhood almost became a rape victim

Ксения Собчак в детстве едва не стала жертвой изнасилования

The childhood and youth of Xenia Sobchak was full of emotion. Recently, journalist and TV presenter told about a case that nearly ended it a tragedy. At the age of 14 Xenia and her friend had almost become victims of rape.

As admitted Xenia, as a child she received a lot of freedom over what I could pay if not the life, physical and mental health for sure. At the age of 14 Sobchak with his girlfriend met the guys. Impressed by the young people, girls and did not notice that they had the car. Naive Schoolgirls had nowhere to go, because they obediently remained in captivity criminals and waited to see which on will make their acquaintance.

Girls take to the hotel and put before a choice: either sex is good or sex is bad.

Of course, neither of which reach could not go and speeches. Despite the fear and terror that girl felt at that moment, they were able to get together and figure out how to escape from this almost hopeless situation.

Xenia friend and pretended that they needed to use the ladies room. Criminals do not suspect that girls are going to escape, those left them with a chic coat.

“A small window in the bathroom, the sound of frightened heart, one foot on the battery, the second – in manhole, the hand of a friend and a soft plop in the snow. The cold, piercing cold, in the woods in some dresses… Almost frozen girls blocking the road truck, and good-natured trucker who gave us a down jacket one for two to warm. And the traffic police checkpoint, and the first voice from the radio: “Found? Well, thank God,” said Xenia press.