Девушка звезды «Физрука» Егора Клинаева закрутила роман с коллегой According to rumors, Helen Baranova found a new love. Instagram young actress of the series “the Street” appeared pictures together with Yuri Nikolaenko. Fans believe that the young people look great together.

17-year-old actress Lola Baranov met with peers Egor by Linaewen. Young people played together in the TV series “the Street.” The life of Yegor came to an abrupt end in September last year. A young man was killed in an accident on the ring road.

As journalists, Baranova now preparing to enter the theatre. In the breaks between classes, aspiring actress does not forget about his personal life. According to media reports, the actress is Dating Yuri Nikolaenko, who also plays in “the Street.” The lovers ‘ happiness does not interfere with the age difference – elect Lely 28 years. In the series of TNT Yuri played the role of policeman.

Recently Instagram Nikolaenko appeared in a joint photo with Baranova. Young people look great together. “Thanks for getting me out of the house! This little-managed. Soon to be the sun” – with these words Yuri turned to Lele.

Apparently, right now, the stars of the Street has improved considerably. She was able to get rid of negative thoughts, which plunged after the death of Clineva. The time when Lola met the actor, she called bright and good. For several months she could not come to terms with the death of the beloved. In an interview, Helen admitted that they do not believe in it. At first Baranov was not even able to watch the series.

“He was a man with a big heart”: how do remember Yegor Clineva close

According to Lely, Egor was fun and gave others the occasion. Despite the different personalities, young people found a common language. Konaev constantly pleasing a girl signs of attention and genuine concern.

Acquaintance of young actors took place on the samples. Yegor stood out from the other contestants. Lola believes that he tried to do everything on his own. The next day, the girl wished Clineva luck, and he offered to meet. Then Egor introduced to Lelia with her parents. The first day of shooting Konaev and Baranov was in the status of the pair.

Due to the fact that Yegor died, the creators were forced to replace his character. Now the heroine Lelia meets a Boar, which plays Vladimir Khatskevich. The actors shared in social networks joint photo than provoked rumors about a possible affair. However, as it turned out, Helen and Vladimir are just colleagues. Heart Khatskevich busy – he’s Dating 26-year-old actress Lyubov Ivanova, who starred in the episodes “Mysterious passion”. According to “Express newspaper”, the lovers live together in a rented apartment in the center of Moscow.