Актрису из сериала «Следствие ведут ЗнаТоКи» экстренно госпитализировали Yesterday the honoured artist of Russia, known for his roles in the episodes, became ill at the polling station. Medical experts examined Mrs. Berezutsky and decided to take her to a hospital in the capital.
Актрису из сериала «Следствие ведут ЗнаТоКи» экстренно госпитализировали

85-year-old actress Valentina Berezutsky, who is called the Queen of the episode, wasn’t feeling well during the elections. On Sunday, the honored artist of Russia became ill in the polling station located in the Moscow region. About how did Berezutsky to vote or to it it became bad at the entrance to the site in Ramenki, not specified.

Surrounding came to the aid of Valentina Fedorovna and called her an ambulance. Arrived on the scene, medical experts examined the elderly woman and decided to take her to the hospital. The Berezutsky was placed in the Department of chronic heart failure.

Актрису из сериала «Следствие ведут ЗнаТоКи» экстренно госпитализировали

Valentine Berezutsky was born 28 July 1935 in the village of Spasskoe Organizatsiya district of the Kursk region. The mother of the future actress was a housewife and his father worked in the military. When Berezutsky was little, her family often moved from place to place. After parent Valentina was sent to serve in far East, he moved there with the family. In the future, the family of the actress were evacuated to Siberia, and then they moved to Korea.

After graduation, Valentina decided to connect his life with the acting profession. She entered the workshop of Boris Bibikov and Olga Pyzhova VGIK. The Berezutsky stand out from peers. According to colleagues, she was temperamental and had a high rate of reaction. During one of the exams Valentine surprised the professors role of servant Khimki in the play “chasing two hares”.

Актрису из сериала «Следствие ведут ЗнаТоКи» экстренно госпитализировали

After receiving a diploma of specialized educational institutions, the actress in the film Studio “Mosfilm” and film actors theatre, where she has worked for several decades. Valentina Fedorovna was seen in such productions as “the Day of arrival, day of departure” and “Loan to the marriage”. In addition, it has actively played in the movie. The Berezutsky got mostly a cameo role, in some movies it is not even indicated in the credits. The actress starred in many films including in the film “the cranes are Flying”, “Soldier’s heart”, “Ivan Rybakov”, “the True story”, “cook”, “the Pokrovskie gate”, “the Investigation leading Experts”, “Aniskin and Fantomas”.

In 1992, the Berezutsky was awarded the title “Honored artist of Russia”. And in 2004, the actress was given the award “Nika” for best female role in the film “old women”.

“Call and say, “Come.” And I think: “what is it?” Nobody said that the award is looming. Well I only washed. Sitting in the first row, and first, second, third. And now nominated for “Best female role”. Basilashvili calls my name. And I in an envelope with my name look over and say, “And the money where?” And to me they are just what was needed: I have three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren,” said she, laughing, in an interview to the program “My hero.”

Now the actress is in a medical facility. According to REN TV, the Valentine Berezutsky may need surgical intervention.