Эдгар Запашный сообщил о смерти акробата A few weeks ago, circus artist Anton Martynov broke during a speech. The incident happened in Elista. The doctors fought for the life of the acrobat, but to save him failed.
Эдгар Запашный сообщил о смерти акробата

The Director of Big Moscow state circus and animal trainer Edgard Zapashny reported the death of an acrobat by Anton Martynov. The man fell from a height during a speech in Elista. The artist was urgently gospitalizirovany, the young man received a serious head injury. In the hospital Martynov during the month was in a state of artificial coma…

Journalists contacted by Edgard Zapashny. The trainer told the details of the death of Anton.

“He didn’t act in my circus worked in company the private Bank. I was a little bit hard to talk about this… It worked for my cousin. He was an entrepreneur, know that he recently resigned. He worked for many years in one company and started working with my brother. He actually died today,” said Zapashny.

Recall that in late February zapashnye – Mstislav Jr., Dan and Maritza, have been touring with different circus performances and a different lineup of artists in the cities and countries. During a performance troupe 24 February in Elista in sport center “Oirat-arena” was an accident.

Brothers Martynova acrobats performed a spectacular room on the ropes under the big top. This trick artists always do without insurance. They podnimayutsya great height, and then with artistic elements and whirling begin to descend. Hall has always seen this room enthusiastically. This time during the descent one of the brothers, Anton Martynov, unexpectedly slipped and fell from a height of six meters. The young man received a serious head injury. The accident was reported in the administration of the circus. Viewers of the presentation took the fall on video.

Acrobat circus zapashnyh broke during a speech.

“It is very difficult to write and understand this message… Tonight before transportation from Elista to Rostov-on-don Anton’s heart stopped… Sincere condolences to the families of Anton…” – reported in the official group “Circus zapashnyh”.

In an interview with TV channel “REN TV” Zapashny said that many circus performers began collecting money for the funeral of a colleague.