Бывшая жена Алексея Нилова назвала настоящие причины развода The star of the series “Petersburg secrets” devotes all his time to the work. Now Irina Klimova no permanent men, because she can’t see fitting options.
Бывшая жена Алексея Нилова назвала настоящие причины развода

The star of the series “Petersburg secrets” Irina Klimova many years delighted audiences with their talent. She works at the Mossovet theatre, and sometimes also starred in the TV series. Recently, she also became a member of the show “Three chords”.

Irina – educated people. When she was hard up for money, she even was in real estate. However, their house the artist bought in 2004, and until 2011 could not start the repair. But now on the territory of 150 square meters located all the amenities needed for a comfortable artist’s life.

“In my apartment I set the treadmill may, coming home from work, work out. And I always dreamed about a little sauna. My apartment turned out to be such a big bathroom that I could make my dream to carry out,” – said the star.

Also Klimov had an interest in psychology. She analyzed why she did not have a life neither one of the spouses. Irina was married to Valery borovinsky, and then Alexei Nilavum. “It turned out that it is very difficult to find a suitable partner. I looked, I have almost all of the family in the family were destroyed. My parents are together but they grew up without fathers. My mom’s dad we don’t even know my dad, too complicated situation. It couldn’t not affect my life. When you have no example of a good family, how can you fold yours? You have to reinvent the wheel and redo everything to build,” – said the star.

Бывшая жена Алексея Нилова назвала настоящие причины развода

Klimova faced problems in his personal life. She met the man who would fit her character. “For my sins, I am a very demanding person, I have to men a large claim. I know it’s wrong and you need to lower the bar. Look at my baby and realize that no accident I was born a boy, although I really wanted a girl. I can see how a man: first, he is a child, then a teenager. It is exactly the same imperfection, as well as others, and I’m still trying to find the Prince. So I look, see. God forbid, someone delayed the glance and someone will be attracted.

I used to be looking for the handsome, and now I think: who cares?! Oddly enough, I realized that my man should be like me. That is, if I is active, it is necessary to seek the same man, active, active, that will not sit, dejected. Both my wife were completely unlike me, so nothing happened”, – frankly said Irina.

Klimov stands for honesty in a relationship between a man and a woman. “I don’t want to be a psychic to guess something. I want to know what he needs to say how it is better. And all the rest will come with time!” – explained Irina in an interview with “Interlocutor”.