Алла Довлатова вступилась за Марию Шукшину в скандале с ее новорожденным внуком
A broadcaster supported the actress.

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Scandal star family Sukhinah broke out last year. Then the former bride of the son of Maria Shukshina Makar Frey Zilber, who was then in the early stages of pregnancy, has applied to the police, claiming domestic violence. The girl reported that Makar was not only physical, but also sold banned substances. Frey and son Shukshina, of course, ceased communication, but, nevertheless, she decided to keep the baby.

The baby was born in mid-may. Zilber reported, and Makara, and his family, but neither he nor she did not show any interest to born boy. Thanks to Andrey Malakhov and the program “live,” which recently showed on TV, Freya managed to acquaint the child with his alleged great-grandmother Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

She noted that the kid definitely has the traits of Makar, but she doubts that the young man recognizes the child.

“I think it will not, definitely not, and she said. And mother (Maria Shukshina — Approx. ed.) has nothing to do with it. He decided after the story of the fight.”

Mary herself has not commented on a scandalous situation, but all understand that it is against any relationship with Freya, and Makara. And grandson best friend only because he does not believe that the boy born from her son. The fact that the ex-girlfriend Makar never had exemplary behavior. At age 14 she gave birth to a daughter and gave her the education of their parents.

Alla Dovlatov explained the position of the actress and supported her.

“This is a horrible story, she said. — Unfortunately, in the program “live” the truth is not told. Said that the girl was engaged in prostitution and etc. I can’t imagine what a mother wants for her son, the wife of former prostitutes. Although it may be the one that she was engaged and normally look at such a daughter!”

Freya’s not going to back down. At the moment she is going to sue Makara to alimony. The young man will have to go through the procedure of establishing paternity. And if you suddenly find that the boy is his son, the court will compel him to help the child financially.