Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина заинтриговала снимком с новым мужчиной Fans discuss the alleged chosen witch. Tatyana Larina published the picture, which prinimaet spectacular brunette. She reported that her life began a happy phase.
Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина заинтриговала снимком с новым мужчиной

The star of “the battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina divorced spouse Julius Mydevice-Dalecki. After the collapse of the relationship with the chosen one witch was in depression because they failed to disperse peacefully. She devoted herself to the work and creative activities. Larina went back to singing and changed his image. Fans admire her appearance.

Now Tatiana revealed the details of his personal life, which long concealed. She presented to the audience by a man named Vladimir. She’s posing with him in photos shared on Instagram.

“All probably wonder what a young guy with me?! It’s time to tell you about a new phase of my life. I met a man who I can rely on as a woman. In whose hands I can stay warm and forget about all the betrayals and evil, sent to my address. His name is Vladimir Kahn. Vladimir is not only my rock, but promising aspiring mixed martial arts fighter MMA. And like a true woman, I decided to help him to realize, to become a champion. Now I’m not only psychic, but also a producer and with his team has long been negotiating with various promotions on performance in the tournament. Soon you will learn, when and at what tournament are my favorite, and I hope with me will support it,” said Larin.

Fans of psychic happy for her and wish her happiness. “You deserve the best. Ignore gossip and envious. We are always with you and always support you and your young man in every way! Good luck to you, dear!”, “I wish you happiness! Vladimir will succeed! You make a lovely couple”, “Happiness loves silence. You deserve love and a love tale” – such comments have been left followers to post Tatyana.

Fans are happy that Larina’s finally smiling and literally came to life. After all, it was very gloomy configured after breaking up with Julius. “Bury his past life. That is, I have it divided into “before” and “after”. (…) I can’t say that I am very upset. No matter what anyone wanted, everyone would still get a divorce. Love for life does not exist… In Christianity there is monogamy, and it’s wrong. Man is an animal he can’t live with one person. Stories about love to the grave – not true, because the physics still works,” said then the psychic.