Бывшей «Перчинке» грозит опасность стать бездомной
Mel b begging friends to lend her money.

Mel B


As it became known, the case of the former
member of the group Spice Girls — Melanie brown, aka Mel b, is worse
nowhere. In the course of divorce proceedings with Mel Stephen Belafonte, it turned out that she was nearly almost fully
lost his fortune. And now jeopardized the fate of the house in which she wanted
to live after the divorce.

According to counsel Mel singer
nearly bankrupt — at the moment, after taxes, her account is
less than 1000 pounds. Singer and
her husband, with whom she has recently decided to divorce, wanted to improve their
position by selling the home they own in Hollywood Hills.
However, the mansion for sale three months ago, still
did not find a buyer. It did not help that the couple agreed to do
a significant discount house, which originally requested 7.2 million pounds…

Worse, now Mel can lose
the house where she wanted to live after the divorce process. Negotiations
of purchasing it it started even before it became clear distress
its finances. The singer managed to make a solid down payment for favored her mansion.
And under the terms signed her contract, if in the near future it will not pay
missing to the full value of the house amount (for him, asked for half a million
pounds), she’ll lose the house and your down payment… And this Chalk now can not
afford. So the singer turned to all their friends begging them
to give her the money to get the deal took place…

We will remind as it turned out, for the 10 years that the former Spice girl lived with
Stephen , who was the father of her
third child, daughter Madison married managed to squander
the state of 38 million pounds, which was once owned by the former Spice girl. It
occurred as a result of the fact that the couple led a lifestyle that was not
means. The pair mindlessly wasting so much that every once in
the end of the year with great difficulty “scrape” the necessary amount to pay