Anastasia Makeeva was horrified at the sudden change in their appearance

Анастасия Макеева ужаснулась внезапным переменам в своей внешности
The actress stopped to recognize themselves in the mirror.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: @makeevan Instagram Anastasia Makeeva

Anastasia Makeeva has shared some funny scenes. The actress was filmed near the mirror, in whose reflection showed not the perfect figure. The difference between what used to see the actress and what I saw this time led her in horror. She frankly admitted that does not understand why, suddenly, began to look plump. But assured fans that, in reality, it still retains perfect proportions.

“Like two different women, the only good one… In reality, I still don’t much like the distorted reflection in the mirror!” signed published photos of Anastasiya.

Makeev very strictly watching their figure. In addition to regular Spa treatments, Anastasia starts her day with a mandatory run. Along with her activities in the morning are Pets: dogs Nomic and a Donut. With proper nutrition, the situation is much more difficult, because the actress long working hours. But she tries to bring food from home. By the way, recently Makeyev was sometimes share their signature recipes. One of them, very original, recently shocked its subscribers. We are talking about stewed in milk dumplings.