Поклонники уличили девушку Криштиану Роналду в беременности Forward Madrid “real”, apparently, will again become a father. In the network appeared the pictures of Georgina Rodriguez with a noticeably rounded tummy. Herself celebrity couple has not commented on the rumors about the new addition to the family.

Just a month ago, Cristiano Ronaldo was the large dad, the surrogate mother gave birth to twins for a player, who was named Eva and Matthew. Apparently, the player will have again soon to try the role of a latter-day father, because the fans of the athlete are sure that his girlfriend is expecting a child.

The rumors that Georgina Rodriguez pregnant, appeared in may, when the striker Madrid “real” shared a joint frame with the beloved. The picture was of a noticeable rounded tummy girl, but the star athlete declined to comment on the speculation.

A week later, Georgina appeared on the Champions League final, where real Madrid won. This slinky emphasized changes in the figure of a girl. Now the fans now have real evidence of pregnancy rodríguez: in the leaked footage from the beaches of Ibiza. These pictures show beloved football player appeared in a bikini and Ronaldo fans immediately began to congratulate the couple with the imminent addition to the family.

Georgina belly is really rounded out, and under the assumptions of fans, the girl is on the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. Reporters even managed to learn the sex of a baby: their record, Rodriguez is waiting for the girl. However, some fans came to the conclusion that the beloved Ronaldo just got better.

Maybe the player went with his mother and three children. While the athlete is resting to the fullest, for newborn Matthew and Eva looked after by the nanny.

Family Cristiano is good to his beloved, hoping that the wedding of the lovers is not far off. Ronaldo himself often shares pictures with his beloved, demonstrating the absolute idyll in relations.

Georgina was not only able to find a common language with the son of a famous footballer, but also became friends with his mother. Women often spend time together in a luxurious mansion Ronaldo.

Despite the confidence of fans and the presence of several photographic evidence, the star couple has not commented on the pregnancy rumors. Cristiano in an interview has repeatedly admitted that he loves children and wants to have a big family, but not yet ready to get married.

Now Ronaldo is surrounded by rumors and speculation. So, recently, it was reported that the striker is leaving the football club “real” and goes to play in China. However, according to recent reports, the athlete arrived to Ibiza not only for recreation, but also to meet with the agent of the club “Paris Saint Germain”.