The first wife of Vasily Shukshin was found with the other woman

Первая жена Василия Шукшина встретилась с разлучницей Women met after many years. Vasily Shukshin went to Moscow, leaving Mary Shumskoy in his native village. During his studies he fell in love with Lyudmila Casino, however, their Union was doomed – once the beloved artist found love letters from his wife.
Первая жена Василия Шукшина встретилась с разлучницей

The first wife of Vasily Shukshin Maria Shumskaya decided on a candid interview in the Studio program “Let them talk”. She told me that she met a great writer at the age of 14. Six years later, the lovers were married, and after the man decided to go to Moscow. Maria Ivanovna admitted that I was scared to move to the capital from his native village. She received a letter in which Vasily Makarovich was talking about how he misses her.

Some time later, Shumskaya learned that the husband had another woman. However, she moved to Moscow to be with the one you love, despite the fact that she was pregnant.

“I didn’t say that he’s my husband and go somewhere,” said Maria Ivanovna.

After a while Maria Ivanovna left the family, and taking care of her took her student Vladimir Kovalev. He said that his personal life did not work, and therefore he began to look for a teacher. They now live for six months in the apartment Shumsky together with sweetheart men, which also looks after an elderly woman.

Первая жена Василия Шукшина встретилась с разлучницей

Friend Maria Ivanovna Galina Koroteeva came to the Studio and said that Kovalev was never her student. Vladimir did not hide the fact: he has the power of attorney to her apartment – to the decision they came together.

Neighbors reported that one apartment Shumakovo they sold and the man bought the car. He also receives a pension for her. However, the experts in the Studio were not to blame Vladimir, since Maria Ivanovna 87 years old, she has no children, but because she had no one to leave a legacy.

Another friend believes that the man raised her hand. “Beat her, she was covered in bruises was,” said Maria Sidorova.

Первая жена Василия Шукшина встретилась с разлучницей

Also in the Studio program “Let them talk” appeared Lidiya Chashchina. This was the actress he left his wife. Vasyl Kravchuk said that he’s single. He deliberately lost his passport in order to get rid of the stamp in the document. However, she found letters from his wife.

“Found, crying, crying, and he said, “it is not Good other people’s letters to read.” I’m to such a degree imbued with her pain. And then she felt her and die with her. Can’t forgive she can’t. Deceived. Shameless received,” – said the actress.
Первая жена Василия Шукшина встретилась с разлучницей

Chaschina did not explain the reasons of rupture of relations with Vasily Makarovich. “We broke up, I don’t want to tell the truth. The truth is always dirty, smelly,” – said Lidiya Alexandrovna.

Shumskaya has told the film crew “Let them talk”, which clearly remembers the day, when it became the lawful wife of Vasily Shukshin. She still doesn’t understand how he could leave her. Still Maria Ivanovna considers itself the only legitimate wife.

“Still a shame, and how sad,” – said Maria Ivanovna.

Also came to the Studio daughter Olga Shukshina. She admitted that for a long time searched for Sumskoy. Daughter of Vasiliy Makarovich said that she believes in a sincere and good intentions of Vladimir, who cares about that old woman. Family drama Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina: fight for the apartment and a prison sentence daughter

“God forbid to live up to these years and who will remain with us – no one knows,” said Olga.

Dmitry Borisov noted that Maria Ivanovna is a lucky woman, because the daughter of Vasily Kravchuk believes her loved one.