Elena Proklova attacked former patient Anatoly Kashpirovsky

Елена Проклова набросилась на бывшую пациентку Анатолия Кашпировского Olga Ignatova told the healer was involved in a serious operation, which she did over twenty years ago. Elena Proklova has denied the woman’s words, saying that Kashpirovsky was a skilled businessman who built an Empire on people’s health.
Елена Проклова набросилась на бывшую пациентку Анатолия Кашпировского

In the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev came Olga Ignatova. She was one of those patients who helped Anatoly Kashpirovsky. According to the recollections of women, the healer helped her to lose sixty pounds and anesthetized her body during a complex operation on the abdomen.

Ignatov repeatedly came to the sessions of Anatoly Kashpirovsky. After them she felt much better: decreased pressure stopped the pain.

“I always wanted on the floor. It relieves pain, extinguished it,” – said Olga.
Елена Проклова набросилась на бывшую пациентку Анатолия Кашпировского

It should be noted that in a broadcast talk shows were recordings of old programs with the participation of Kashpirovsky, Ignatova, seeing footage from the past, began to smile and nod. The woman had warm comments about the abilities of the healer and confidently declared that Anatoly has really cured it. But skeptics and experts “actually” argued that the main healer of the USSR was a clever fraud who could enter into a state of hypnosis of virtually any person. According to the actress Elena Proklova, Deepak was a good businessman who did business on the health of their patients. The actress questioned the veracity of stories about the superhuman abilities of the healer. In her opinion, almost all customers Kashpirovsky collapses as taught in theatre schools.

Olga told that she had an umbilical hernia. The woman did not want to perform the operation under General anesthesia or local anesthesia, so I trusted Anatoly Kashpirovsky and was conscious during surgery. The patient of the healer admitted that he almost did not feel pain.

Many experts in the Studio of the talk show didn’t believe the woman. However, at the end of the program specialist Ignatova asked a number of questions, which revealed: she’s not lying. Indeed, the patient experienced discomfort and easily transferred the most complicated operation. The main character and the experts of the talk show never came to a conclusion on what methods are used in your work Deepak.