The first joint photo of Anna Sedokova and her fiancé appeared on the Network

Первое совместное фото Анны Седоковой и ее жениха появилось в Сети

Long Anna Sedokova, Ukrainian singer and the former soloist of group “Viagra” was able to hide his father’s son Hector. Throughout the pregnancy of the actress’s fans were just guessing. who could be them. Who only was not attributed novels Sedokova, and she was in no hurry to refute or confirm them, keeping the intrigue. This put an end to by the producer Andrei Kovalev, who on his page in social network Instagram published a picture of Anna, and 25-year-old General Director of a construction company Artem Komarov.

Первое совместное фото Анны Седоковой и ее жениха появилось в Сети
“It’s nice that Ann and Tom together and happy… With my light hand! A year ago I introduced them at the Awards Ru TV! And grows a little Hector! And a wedding soon! A long and happy life! Kiss!” — he wrote.
Anna herself has yet to respond to this information. On his page on the social networks are flooded with hormones, the singer that enjoys life, in a poetic manner hints at a breakup with the baby’s father.

If, before the wedding it does come (and we hope that so be it), then this marriage will be for Anna in third. First she married the father of her eldest daughter Alina footballer Valentin Belkevich. Second husband singer became the businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. the father of her second daughter Monica.