Anna Semenovich rounded belly due to the disease

У Анны Семенович округлился живот из-за болезни

Famous Russian singer Anna Semenovich tired to comment on the rumors about her pregnancy. For several months now, they are everywhere around her name, but after a recent concert in Kazakhstan, which distributed and Anna herself, and her fans, information on the status of S. again stormed into the media.

I must say. at the last photo, and the video shows that the waist of Anna, and in fact in recent years much has changed, but there is medical justification. Not to produce gossip, the singer decided to tell his word, and to place all points over “i”.
Anna said that “WHILE” not expecting a child, so planning its appearance next year. On the topic of the rounded belly she didn’t want to say it, but too many letters and calls she receives, and to explain to everyone what was happening to her, no strength.
“My rounded belly — a consequence of the recent operation, which I was forced to do for health” — said the artist.
Due to the tight schedule and upcoming events S. not enough to recover, and came on the scene. Because of this, a complication has arisen with a swelling, which, fortunately, was quickly removed by the doctors of Alma-ATA.
“Thank you very much Dr. in Alma-ATA, which immediately reacted professionally and took the situation under control. Guess that could be. Thank God – health threats no. My dear, I want you to show tact and respect, some time will be forced to lead a gentle life, and I hope not – I’m sure very soon will again in the ranks. I’ll keep You updated, don’t worry, everything will be fine! Love You and thank you again for your participation ❤” — asked Anna to subscribers.