Wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan has denied pregnancy

Супруга Эммануила Виторгана опровергла свою беременность

Last week, several media outlets were shocked by the news that 77-year-old Emmanuel Vitorgan and his 55-year-old wife Irene Mladic will soon have an heir. The news circulated Lera Kudryavtseva, which is in the Studio and the program “the Secret to a million” came a famous actor.

According to Lera, Emmanuel himself declared that soon will become a father for the third time. what Kudryavtseva wished the future parents to be patient and healthy, because “when the house appears a baby, sleepless nights.” The audience was shocked by such news. Part of her was happy about this, others believed that having a child at such a not young age – is silly. Because it is time to babysit grandchildren, and to someone – and even great-grandchildren.
No less from the public were surprised and very “expectant mother”. Journalists contacted Irina Mlodik to ask, is it true that she is expecting a baby.
“Well, no, of course! Well, what nonsense! Mind you there all gone or something?!” — said Irina. As it turned out, it was about the possible adoption of a child, and it is still not a final decision.
By the way, a word about “another Vidargana” can still be prophetic – Ksenia Sobchak, the daughter-in-law Emmanuel, is already being credited with a new pregnancy.