The first channel invites children to participate in the 4th season of the show “the Voice. Children”

Первый канал приглашает детей для участия в 4-м сезоне шоу «Голос. Дети»
Began accepting applications in the most rating TV show in the country.

Первый канал приглашает детей для участия в 4-м сезоне шоу «Голос. Дети»

Pelageya, Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan

Photo: Instagram

As soon as the third season of “the Voice. Children”, First
the channel started receiving questionnaires on the fourth season of the show. The main condition for participation in
children’s song contest — vocal data, and the age of the applicants shall
to be from 7 to 14 years. Those interested can fill out a form on the website of the First channel.
While no definite date for the receipt of questionnaires, as not known
mentors. Although fans expressed the hope that as before, their seats in
red armchairs is Pelageya, Dima Bilan and Leonid Agutin, who joined
to show only last season, replacing max Fadeev. Prior to that he worked only
on a “adult” “the Voice”.

Первый канал приглашает детей для участия в 4-м сезоне шоу «Голос. Дети»

Leonid Agutin

Photo: Instagram

“To Judge “Voice. Children harder than adults show, told
Leonid Agutin. — Spectators are more like very small children, they are more worried
for them, touched by their singing… I turned around in the blind auditions,
basically, good voices, interesting characters and masterful singing. And
always been that implementers more than 12 years. The main difference between “adult”
show from the “children” that children sing worse just because they are children. They still
no life experience, baggage behind, that is the one that makes the performance
really interesting.

With adults it’s easier to make music part of the show, so
as they just put the objective, and they do everything. You just listen
the result and tell me how to do better. From the height of his experience again. And
children need to be taught. Work through each note, each chord, because they have so
little skills. But it is simpler in the sense that whatever you did, we all
will still be satisfied, as they are in themselves interesting and sincere.”

Leading Dmitry Nagiyev

Photo: instagram

We will remind, the winner of the 3rd season of “the Voice. Children” became
Daniel Pluzhnikov. He scored more than 60 percent of the votes of the viewers! Just like
said Yuri Aksyuta, voted almost two million people!

The country has made its choice! Daniel Pluzhnikov – the winner of project #Holostei-3

A photo posted by the Voice (@voice1tv) on Apr 29, 2016 at 2:07pm PDT

Daniel arrived on the show from Sochi, he became a favorite
the audience, brilliantly
performing at the “blind auditions” the song of Oleg Gazmanov “Two
eagle. Unfortunately, the boy suffers the dwarf disease, and in 13 years of its growth
made up of only 98 centimetres. No matter what the guy does
life, sings, plays musical instruments and loves to dance. Success
Daniel, no doubt, is the best example for people with disabilities

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