In the network appeared the information that Orlando bloom and Katy Perry broke up

В сети появилась информация, что Орландо Блум и Кэти Перри расстались
The happiness of lovers was short-lived…

В сети появилась информация, что Орландо Блум и Кэти Перри расстались

Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry


In the overseas press there is sad news. As reported
the reporter of the tabloid Star,
Orlando bloom and his girlfriend singer Katy Perry allegedly took the decision to leave. Their romance lasted only four months…

Love story of 39-year-old bloom, and 31-year-old Perry began in January
this year. Although they were familiar for a long time — with 2013. But then, despite the fact that both felt for each other apparent interest, the novel
between them did not take place — because both were busy. Orlando was still formally married
Miranda Kerr and Perry dated John Mayer. But this year, when
they met at a party on the occasion of awarding the “Golden globes” between them
immediately began a romantic relationship. Lovers all night did not depart
from each other and left the event together.

Since they are almost all free time spent together. In
March, they rested at a luxury resort in Hawaii. Bloom then introduced Katie with her five-year old son Flynn from
marriage with Miranda Carr.. And soon Orlando
made a decisive step — he presented his beloved mother. Friends of the couple were
sure he is preparing to propose to her…

The first quarrel between the lovers took place, allegedly, a few
weeks ago. They came together at a charity event Fund
Immunotherapy and Cancer treatment. And during the reception between
them something went wrong. In the end, Orlando began to absorb one drink per
others. By the end of the evening, he hardly stood on the feet, and Kathy was beside herself with embarrassment
and vexation.

And during the Ball Costume Institute, guests witnessed
regular spats pair. They came there together, but first bloom refused
go along with her on the red carpet. And then the whole evening was taking at least
attention. What was the cause of the quarrel of lovers is unknown. But the next
day paparazzi caught Orlando and Katie at the airport. They did not speak
with each other and looked very grim. And then everyone got on his plane and
they scattered in different directions…

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