Spouse Kim Kardashian’s wife was jealous of the bodyguard

Супруг Ким Кардашьян приревновал жену к телохранителю
Kanye West with the scandal fired his “security”.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Photo: Splash News/East news

The Kardashian family broke into spontaneous
scandal. Kanye West suddenly fired the guard — Steve Stanulis, accusing him of
the fact that he was trying to ‘hit on’ for his beloved wife, that is for Kim.

This incident happened in the evening when
the couple had gathered for the Annual Ball of the Institute costume. While Kim
dressed up and put makeup on in your room at the hotel, or rather, in a luxury apartment
presidential classroom, Steve, as he was supposed to, just making sure everything is ready for
check out the stars. And then he decided to climb into the room, to make sure
everything goes according to plan.

Not finding assistant Kim, which he wanted
to know is not whether any new guidance, Steve decided to go in the room,
luckily, the door was open. Seeing a Kardashian, he politely inquired if there was
what changes in the plan. And then in the room came Kanye, who absented himself somewhere
on business. Seeing Steve, he threw him a furious look, pushed him out
of the room and slammed the nose of the guard door. And in a few minutes
assistant West told Steve that his services are no longer needed and he
dismissed. So, anyway, this story looked in the presentation Stagnalis.

However, 38-year-old West described the incident quite differently. Kanye
said that no scandal was not. He allegedly hired a Steve just on one
in the evening, and therefore his departure can’t even be considered a dismissal. However, in this version there is a clear “disconnect”. The question is, if all
went according to plan and no “scene” was not, why Stanulis not allowed to accompany
spouses to the ball, that is, he was not allowed to perform the work for which he
and was hired? Besides, it is known that Kanye is extremely jealous and inclined to see rivals in each who approaches his wife.

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