Первый канал прокомментировал массовое закрытие программ
Became known, some shows remain on the air, and which don’t.

Leonid Yakubovich

Photo: the First channel

Personnel changes on the First channel steel
secular circles most discussed event of the past few weeks. “Gypsies
noisy crowd in Bessarabia wander” — that famous Pushkin line described
transfer marathon TV presenter Sergei Mayorov, who now works at NTV.
Viewers, daily reading the news about the closing of channel programs seem to
already confused: what projects do no longer will air, and what
will remain in the broadcasting schedule of the new season. Representatives of clear channel
the situation, issuing a statement in its own group in facebook.

“We understand that news about the First fiercely generates
traffic, but no, we are not sakriven “let’s get married”, “Fashion verdict”, “Control
purchase” and “First Studio”. We are not blind and pole chudes, KVN, “What?
Where? When?” and “Evening Urgant”. With “Who wants to be a millionaire” all too
okay. Feels great “Good morning”. The program “Time” still
leaves at 21.00. In the “smack” not finished products. Dmitry Krylov buys
tickets to the next trip. “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov collects
excellent ratings. Soon you will see the updated “Tonight”. Posner, by the way,
too. But we are glad that our program is so popular that the news about
each of them soars into the top Yandex. Colleagues advise not to pass the desirable
for valid”, — stated in the message.