Тейлор Свифт пожертвовала не маленькую сумму в фонд Маришки Харгитей

Singer Taylor swift donated a large sum to the organization in support of survivors of sexual violence after the victory in court this Monday. Swift decided to choose the Foundation of his girlfriend actress Mariska Hargitay’s “the Joyful Heart”.

Тейлор Свифт пожертвовала не маленькую сумму в фонд Маришки Харгитей

“Taylor acquainted with the activities of the Foundation and even follow our work,” says the Huffington Post on Wednesday Zambuto M., Executive Director of the Foundation. “Her team contacted me and we talked about her contribution, during all this testing, she wanted to serve and help those people.”

Of course, the amount is not disclosed but as reported Zambuto, this is a very generous amount of money, which is a meaningful contribution to ending sexual violence. Her case in court against the former DJ, who “groped” her at a meeting with fans during her tour, has helped many victims of sexual violence. The singer spoke openly about their emotions and experiences during the incident, giving an example to other victims. The singer has become an example of what not to be silent in this matter.

“I hope, show-and-Taylor — and her decision to talk about the incident — not only help other victims to speak and act, but is a manifestation of solidarity to them.” says Hargitay, who plays detective Olivia Benson in the TV series for NBC “Law & order: special victims unit”. On the question, see if she is a detective series where the police investigate the murder, the singer said that even named her beloved cat in honor of detective Olivia.

“I am very proud of her samootverzhennost and commitment to this issue, and I appreciate her support of the Foundation Joyful Heart Foundation.”

Hargitay created the organization in 2004, and soon the Fund became the leading. He focuses on helping people who are faced with issues of child, sexual and domestic violence. The Fund helps victims in their recovery after the event.

On Monday, the singer has published an article for People, where he thanked the judge and jury for their attentiveness to the case, as her lawyer for the fact that he fought for her victory. As swift thanked all those who feel closed because of sexual violence, and especially those who supported the singer during a 4-year-old case.”

Taylor said he would continue to make contributions to other organizations, to help victims of violence and be an example for them.