Юлия и Стас Костюшкины купили новый дом
The singer performed the cherished dream of his wife.

Юлия и Стас Костюшкины купили новый дом

Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina

Photo: @karapylka Instagram Yulia Kostyushkina

Yulia and Stas Kostushkin was a joyful and long-awaited
event. The couple bought their home and have already begun to do to repair it:
said Julia. “Everyone thought, what a picture to start today and I realized
what they want is not much, maybe a lot, namely, to boast — smiling TV presenter.
Remember I wrote about an event that we waited so long?! So.
This photo is not just a wall flower and its background, this wall and the flower on
her background is in our bedroom, in our new house that we finally bought!
Thanks to my own husband for the main of my dreams!” First
renovated room in the new house was the bedroom. The stars helped
the program “a Perfect repair” of the First channel.

By the way, shortly before news Kostyushkina, “Repair”
visited Catherine Volkova and helped to renovate one room in their
my husband and a new house. Interestingly, from that moment the star “Voronin”
went up the hill. We will remind, it has not been able to complete the repairs in your country
cottage. But, apparently, the masters of the First channel — light hand. After their visit, the actress,
finally found found a work crew, quality of work, which fully

“The funny thing is that the team, which to me is incredibly
lucky, exactly 13 people — smiling star “Voronin”. — Fortunately, I don’t
superstitious. Most importantly, they promised to finish the repair within a few
weeks! Can’t wait. So I want to live in peace”.