The final trailer for “Alice in Wonderland”

Director James Bobin and producer Tim Burton created a real fairy tale, a new trailer yesterday, which shared with us today. Filmmaker has published a new promotional video for the continuation of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland – “Alice in Wonderland”.

A new adventure began for the heroine MIA Wasikowska both happy and sad at the same time. She meets her old friends — the White rabbit (Michael sheen), Mad Hatter (johnny Depp), the Cheshire cat (Stephen fry), the White Queen Miranol (Anne Hathaway) and the enemy – the red Queen and Jabberwocky, as well as get acquainted with Time (Sasha Baron Cohen). Of course, for Alice and Blue Caterpillar, voiced by Alan Rickman who died. For the actor “Alice in Wonderland” was one of the last works. In addition, in the video the song “White Rabbit” by: Jefferson Airplane hit quail Pink. She also composed for the film original soundtrack.

By the way, is to say that in the first part of the franchise Burton pretty much walked away from the original source and, in disney tradition, used the storyline and characters from both books Lewis Carroll, so it is difficult to predict what will be discussed in the new “Alice in Wonderland”.

Film premiere to be held on may 27, 2016.

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