Katherine Spitz conquered men in Kuwait

Катерина Шпица покорила мужчин в Кувейте
The actress first visited this Arab country.

Катерина Шпица покорила мужчин в Кувейте

Katherine Spitz

Photo: Maxim Lee

Collecting bag before the trip to Kuwait, where the Russian film week, Katherine Spitz looked back to her wardrobe to choose the most modest and austere outfits. Usually for star trails 30-year-old actress likes to shock, emphasizing the curves of her perfect figure. For example, at the recent premiere of the Comedy “Friday” Spitz appeared in a too revealing dress.
But here in Arab country Katerina took with him only the clothes that hide all of her charms.

At a reception in the Embassy of the actress appeared in a classic black gown, the only ornament of which was a belt of white. But even in this “monastic” form the local men stared with a Russian beauty, who charmed everyone with his refined manners. The same admiring glances was awarded Tumaikina and Olga, in the Russian delegation there were only two women. They amounted to an actor Anatoly kot, composer Yuri poteenko and the film “Battle for Sevastopol” Sergei mokritskiy.

Sergey Mokritsky, Anatoly kot, Katherine Spitz, Olga Tumaykina and Yuri poteenko in Kuwait

Photo: @russian_embassy_kuwait (account of the Russian Embassy in Kuwait)

Spitz will present in Kuwait, the movie “Poddubny”, which played a beloved of the protagonist (Mikhail Porechenkov). Only on the screen of the Kuwaiti fans will be able to evaluate the shape of the actress in all its glory, as Catherine in the film got the role of a circus gymnast.

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