Elton John has denied reports of sexual harassment

Элтон Джон опроверг информацию о сексуальных домогательствах

Yesterday we reported that renowned British artist Elton John is accused of sexual harassment. Accusations were made by a former bodyguard of singer Jeffrey Vinniger, claiming that for many years artist have suffered much. John allegedly tried to touch his genitals, touched ass and hinted at his homosexuality, euphemistically calling for an intimate connection. The man went to a Los Angeles court, obviously, the price will be rather big.

But the lawyer Elton controlled by the record company Rocket Music Entertainment Group, has already made an official statement in which he said that the charges Jeffrey is not justified and smacks of blackmail. According to the lawyer of singer, bodyguard craves for easy money, and therefore went heinous through deceit and slander.

Recall that about his sexual orientation, Elton said many years ago. In 2014 he married his partner David Furnish, and now the couple are raising two sons, they gave birth to a surrogate mother.

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