Отец Меган Маркл, не приехваший на свадьбу дочери, нарушил свое молчание
Thomas Markle said that he thinks of them missed the ceremony.

Отец Меган Маркл, не приехваший на свадьбу дочери, нарушил свое молчание

Thomas Markle


The father of Meghan Markle, who on Saturday became the lawful wife of the Prince
Harry said that he’s thinking of consisting the wedding has already been named event of the year.

In an interview he gave to TMZ, Thomas Markle
admitted: “It was an amazingly beautiful ceremony. I end up my life I will regret that I was not there, and I don’t
was able to hold my daughter’s hand in such a crucial moment… My girl became
now the Duchess! I love her so much! When you see your girl out
married not to recall everything connected with it, from the
the day she was born, from the moment when I first picked her
hands… She was so beautiful and looked so happy… How I wish
also to be there to share her happiness!”

As told by Mr. Markle, who was unable to attend the wedding daughter because of
disease, now he feels a little better. “However, as he said
the doctors said I need time to fully recover. I will stay in
the hospital for a few days, and the doctor is not allowed to worry,” said

Recall, a little over a week ago, the father of Megan Markle (which is now
the Duchess of Sussex), moved
a mild heart attack. To avoid another, more extensive, he introduced scanty
in vessels suitable to the heart. The operation was a couple of days before the wedding.
Therefore, Thomas could not, as planned, to come from Mexico, where he
lives currently in London for his daughter’s wedding to spend holding her
hand, to the altar. This important mission was delegated to the groom’s father — Prince
Charles. Moreover, this decision was taken at the last moment, so that from the printed program wedding
the ceremony did not have time to remove the name of Mr. Markle.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry