Анжелика Варум рассказала, как ей удается в 50 выглядеть на 25
The singer revealed the secret of his youth.

Photo: Instagram

Only a year Anzhelika Varum will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. Women are often intimidated by this figure, but not her. Of course! Everyone would look at 49 to 25. Perhaps, Maria (this is the real name of the star) looks better than all his colleagues of the same age. Finally, God opened his secrets of how she managed to keep such a great figure.

“To speak briefly about the system of their food and about my preferences in sports, — said Angelica. —I warn you in advance that this is not a guide to action, and those skills that fit my body personally. I, for the last twenty years, trying to adhere to separation of power, ie not mixing proteins with carbohydrates. I exclude from your diet fried foods, meat and fish broths, marinades, preservatives, sauces, yeast, sugar, any drink, except for ordinary, non-carbonated water. During the day I drink 2.5 to 4 liters of water (prefer warm water as my body, it is easier to digest). Every third day, as in the days when I have a cold or are in a period of just stressful for the body days (flight, tour) I exclude from the diet of protein foods. This gives me the ability to cope better with stress and recover faster. As for sports, I’m not a big fan of grueling workouts and strict system graphics these. Engaged exclusively in ohotku. Running prefer walking. Walking 15-20km. I love swimming, I swim breaststroke and crawl for 2-3km. and, of course, do the simplest exercises for major muscle groups of the arms, press, back, buttocks and legs. Any of the above muscle groups in the Internet you can find a huge number of exercises and choose the most suitable. The main thing in all this, since the system power supply to sport, motivation. Personally, I like Terry pharmacophore, this way of life has allowed to get rid of a “bouquet” of occupational diseases, ranging from chronic fatigue, lingering, recurring colds and ending up exhausting my body with allergies”.

By the way, one of the favorite pastimes of Andzelika in recent years is the skating, which is also having a positive effect on her figure. It is no problem to drive 10 km along the coastline.

Recently Varum took part in an unusual marathon. Seven consecutive days of star rollerblading for two hours morning and two hours in the evening.

Fans were delighted from such activities stars and wrote her a record number of comments. By the way, some subscribers wanted to know how serious a sport mode in this chart, the singer has set himself. And does it themselves in the evening at least a glass of wine. Therefore God decided to reveal their secrets about food and sports.