Валерия Меладзе осудили за роскошную жизнь
The singer showed his wealth.

Photo: Instagram

Valery Meladze recently started to blog in Instagram, but has faced criticism in the Network. The singer has published on his page a picture of his new “iron horse”. Now the husband of Albina dzhanabaeva drives a Mercedes CLS in the updated body. The cost of the simplest configuration of this car is 5 million rubles! But the most important thing is not it. Valery left under the photo a caption that angered his followers.

“The weather is warm, it’s time to change to summer machine!” — he wrote.

On the one hand it should be clear that the star of such level, as Valery Meladze probably has in his garage more than one car. On the other hand, fans of the singer seemed inappropriate to emphasize their wealth in front of people in a country where many take the Lada Kalina in the loan for 5 years.

“As I live!”, “Someone changes clothes and shoes with the onset of the new season, and some machines…”, “Immodest”, “just like rubber winter to summer change!” such a little envious and negative comments “filled up” Meladze.

By the way, one girl Valery Shalvovich even answered. “Just sit down would have at least some!” she commented. “Well, everything will come true! I later bought the first car,” advised not to despair the singer is a fan.