Отец Марии Захаровой поведал о «блате» дочери The diplomat voiced the unknown facts of her biography. Vladimir Zakharov gave a Frank interview in which he told how difficult it was given to daughter profession. And she began with “rough work”.

Maria Zakharova is one of the brightest diplomats of our time. Her style of work some call progressive, others criticize. The popularity of Mary has brought not only professional activities, but also active social life. The Director of the Department of information and press at Ministry of foreign Affairs maintains a personal blog on the Internet, publishes personal, sometimes, as many believe, too honest for a diplomat photos, respond to gossip and rumors about themselves, wears daring outfits. Moreover, Maria writes poetry and songs, for example, singer Alexander Kogan.

But its main activity is not going to change. Zakharov – hereditary diplomat. Her father Vladimir Yu worked as a Secretary of the USSR Embassy in China, and later represented Russia in the Shanghai cooperation organization. Despite this experience in diplomacy, he argues that there is no “cronyism” in the profession of his daughter is not received.

“In any case it is impossible to say, “it’s criminal” – everything she has achieved, it was embodied only through her own efforts and a huge, huge job. She started, not from some high places – first, she made the “rough” work: was engaged in the press, draft training materials,” – said the father Zakharova.

Vladimir Yu was immensely proud of my daughter and ready to talk about her progress indefinitely. And how she was a straight-a student, always received medals and diplomas. Maria “ended with the medal not only our, but also the Chinese school. Entering the University she chose Chinese language Institute fee – and she had the right to choose any language! But she said, “Thank you, but I would like to learn Chinese”. It’s been said that people really take seriously what he was doing, not looking for easy ways” – says the father Zakharova.

However, Vladimir Zaharov does not deny that her daughter’s decision to become a diplomat caused him feelings: “I have always viewed this with some alarm, because it requires a lot of dedication. This from the man requires great volitional achievements, what about the woman? From women require much more from the point of view that she is a woman”, – said Zakharov gazeta.ru.