Бузова перестала скрывать истинный статус отношений с Батрутдиновым Singer and TV presenter continues to intrigue. Olga Buzova said in another interview that he and Timur are friends for many years and really ran into each other on vacation. The girl denied the rumors about the courtship by humorist.

After Olga Buzova divorced Dmitry Tarasov, about her personal life is known not too much. The girl claimed that he can not trust men, so for the last year she had a close relationship with them. However, fans of the star believe that she is just protecting beloved from everyone’s attention. After the aspiring singer was vacationing in Thailand in the company of Timur Batrutdinova, the Network began to be born hypotheses about the secret affair of old friends.

Olga herself strongly fueled rumors of a relationship with the comedian. The girl regularly put together photos with Timur, and even took part in a commercial shoot for the new collection of Bella Potemkina with him.

Now Buzova decided to clarify the situation and told about the true status of the relationship with Batrutdinova. TV presenter became a guest of Love Radio broadcast, speaking in detail about what is really going on in her personal life.

“We communicate very well, close friends for 15 years. It so happened that we accidentally met in Thailand. But because I create trends, this phrase about “accidentally” went to the people. It found some kind of a subtext, and now it’s almost my new project with Timur. But he’s not really a relationship, no,” – said TV presenter.

She noted that it does not consider the comedian as a potential lover. She just hangs out with him, shares his experiences and secrets.

Thanks to the incredible popularity of Olga Buzova story of a secret affair turned into a strong PR move for the Batrutdinova. So, the audience of men in Instagram has increased markedly. However, the aspiring singer said that they initially did not aim to spin this story. They just met and decided to have fun together.

“We’re working, just kidding. We are very happy to communicate with each other. But it’s not a novel,” concluded the girl in the final interview.

Now all thoughts of Olga Buzova are not engaged in building their personal life and career. Every song artist instantly becomes a hit, and the number of her fans increases every day. The girl explains its popularity sincerity. She always tries to be honest with the fans, and so now basking in their love.

Buzova previously noted that a bad marriage with Dmitry Tarasov became her great life lesson. Now, even if the heart presenter will be busy, it will fail to demonstrate a joint photo with the chosen one. The star is sure that the family fortune should be made public, therefore, refuses to reveal the names of potential lovers and fans.