Дочь-подросток Резо Гигинеишвили растет его копией
Anastasia Kochetkova shared family photos.

Anastasia Kochetkova my daughter Mary

Photo: @kochetkovaanastasia Instagram Anastasia Kochetkova

Rezo Gigineishvili has twice passed through the process of divorce. Most recently, he officially broke off relations with Nadezhda Mikhalkova, who bore him two children. And before that he was married to the participant “Factories of stars” — Anastasia Kochetkova. In 18 years, the singer gave birth to her husband and then, still not very famous Director’s daughter Maria. After a divorce, the daughter left to live with my mother, and later, when Kochetkova moved to the States, razo heir to have been altogether on different continents.

Recently Anastasia has revealed a new photo grown-up Mary. “I and my everything. Happy mother!”she signed the picture. 11-year-old girl is the copy of his father, what say friends Kochetkova. The actress, who is now relearn in America, a film that rarely shows the girl. Judging by social networks, Anastasia does not preclude the communication Rezo with Maria, but these meetings are extremely rare.

Interestingly, recently subscribers Kochetkova suspected that she is expecting her second child. On one of the photos she showed rounded belly. Now Anastasia was a happy marriage with the actor Miguel angel Lara. The engagement pair took place in 2016, soon after, they played a secret wedding announced in the spring of 2017.