Отец Линдсей Лохан подтвердил ее беременность

A riotous life, which until recently was led by Lindsay Lohan, no, apparently, did not affect her health. The actress feels great and, she claims, is preparing to become a mother. this statement Lohan made a few days ago, however, it was not perceived by the public seriously.

Comment on pregnancy daughter decided her father Michael Lohan. About his interesting position and she told him what the man concludes that pregnancy is not an invention and not a way of manipulating her lover Egor Tarasovym, and the most that neither is the real truth.

“I have no doubt in this. She has no reason to lie to me — it’s still serious stuff. Lindsay developed maternal instinct. She loves children, I’m sure she has long been dreaming about the baby. Now is the best time — she gave up alcohol, and fully healthy,” said Michael.

Note that with the father of her unborn child at the moment, Lohan broke off the engagement, and all because of the betrayal of the guy and his attempts to choke Lindsay.

Now, by the way, the actress regrets that their marital dispute became public. Movie star even made in Instаgram post, which brings all apologies for the fact that brought in so many people: “Dear friends, I’m fine. Now I dedicate time to yourself and are in the company of close friends. I’m sorry that recently I had to let you in on the details of my personal life. I acted out of fear and depression. We all make mistakes, but unfortunately, my have always been in the public domain. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to fix it, maybe not. I am 30 years old, I deserve a life of love, care and tenderness, not fear. Thank you to those who stays on my side”.


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