Кристен Стюарт подтвердила роман с Алисией Каргайл

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has finally decided to openly talk about his relationship with Alicia Kargil, his old and new lover. Girls first started Dating back in 2013, but has since repeatedly parted and resumed his novel, along the way, the star of vampire Saga even managed to have an affair with French singer Soko, but it was short-lived. About my personal life Kristen is not responding, and only in an interview with British Elle spoke about his lady love.

Кристен Стюарт подтвердила роман с Алисией Каргайл

“I’m happy now in a relationship with his girlfriend. We had broken up a few times and got together again. Now here together again,” said Kristen.
Stewart is also known for his affair with the partner of the trilogy “Twilight” Robert Pattinson, which broke up after his adultery with film Director Rupert Sanders. After the betrayal of Kristen tried to establish a relationship with Rob, but they came to nothing, but the Director of the film “snow white and the Huntsman” short-term affair with actress cost of marriage.

Кристен Стюарт подтвердила роман с Алисией Каргайл
Stewart admits that building relationships with women it is much easier than with men.
“When I was in a relationship with guys, it is always between us there are still some omissions, I subconsciously tried to hide some things or thoughts. I didn’t like that all personal immediately became somehow ordinary and we become characters stupid comic book,” said Kristen.

Relationships Stuart decided not to hide. She believes that if it started to do this, we all would have thought that she was shy or ashamed, but this is not so.
“I changed my behavior in public, and it made my life more open, and I was more than happy,” said Kristen.



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