Ксения Собчак не смогла простить мать

Ksenia Sobchak has already ceased to hide their pregnancies. Soon presenter and journalist for the first time will become a mother and finally feels those beautiful and most tender feelings.

While Ksenia is preparing for an important mission, her mother Lyudmila Narusova speaks to reporters and admits that her daughter holds grudges.

How were these grievances for several decades and their feet grow out of childhood.

After the birth Ksenia was always there for mom. However, when she was three years old, she increasingly began to give under the supervision of grandparents, parents Narusova.

“My parents adored her, my mom was an amazing person, not strict, and very much gave the granddaughter, but She still puts me in reproach, that I then gave her that long. Can not forgive”, confessed Lyudmila.

Note that you can communicate to women today, it does not prevent, and with the advent of the firstborn of Xenia I will assume that this communication will become more frequent and family.

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