Опра Уинфри сыграет ведьму

The famous American TV host Oprah Winfrey will play the witch in the film “Crack in time”, which will remove the Disney Studio. The publication Variety reports that the media Mogul can be seen in the Director’s work ava Duvernay.

The film is a bestseller of madelen L”Engle, and the script for it was written by Jennifer Lee, who at the time worked on the animated film “Cold heart”.
In the story the children of the missing father-a scientist are traveling not only in time but also in other dimensions to find him. Miss Witch (Oprah’s character) helps them in this.
“Crack in time” is not the only novel writer. After a successful first book she wrote several more novels – continuations of the story. It is unknown whether Disney is planning to film them all or will make the decision after counting the box office receipts.
Recall that Oprah Winfrey is the only multi-billionaire in North America is more known for its talk shows and the Oprah Winfrey network Network. The career of media Mogul quietly faded into the background, but for the film “the color purple” she was even nominated for an Oscar.

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