Rihanna has become the most popular singer of 2016 on YouTube

Рианна стала самой популярной певицей 2016 года на YouTube

Due to the broken relationship with Calvin Harris and the rapid beginning of the novel with Tom Hiddleston the name of Taylor swift lately, not been on the front pages of the foreign press.

There is also the scandal singer with rapper Kanye West, who also joined the musician family of the wife and some other members of the music industry.

The excitement of recent days did not help swift to again be in the leading position in the new ranking. Instead, the laurels of the winner rejoices Rihanna.

Riri was the best singer on “YouTube” in 2016. At the moment the total number of hits, which assembled all the music videos of Rihanna on YouTube, is 1,736 billion. For comparison, previous, 2015 the most viewed singer on YouTube was Taylor swift, clips of which earned then a record 4,259 billion views.

It should be noted that over the past six years, Riri came out on top four times already, losing the championship to Katy Perry in 2014 and swift in 2015.

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