В семье Татьяны Навки растет чемпионка
The youngest daughter of a skater learns to swim.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Nadia

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

Tatiana Navka with her younger daughter Nadenka went to all
summer in Sochi, where Olympic champion involved in the performance of “Carmen” — of course, in the title role. In his spare time, star
enjoyed spending time with the girl and teaches her to swim. Tatiana already
shared success in sports Babes. Two-year Nadia kept steadily on
the water she dives and swims, even a few meters.

????? ?? The main thing is to give the child a chance!!!

A video posted by Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka) on Jul 4, 2016 at 2:58am PDT

Fans in awe of the young athletes: “What
fearless! Good girl little”, “Cool! All in mother!”, “Growing real
Champion! Nadya is a very good boy!”.

By the way, recently Tatiana Navka shared with fans, as
to grow a child into a champion.

“I am often asked the question: “How to understand becomes
whether the child is the champion? Whether to give it to the sport and to spend time on it and
strength? So: “Parents one day I was not forced. My eyes were burning,
and had a great desire to become champion. The task of parents — to hear the wish
child to see his talents in every way to help him! Of course, there are
difficult moments, but the parents for that and have time to lend a hand
help. Yes, it so happens that with all the desire, opportunities and talent that is not
formed, but the sport is still the best springboard for future life, for
the formation of such personal qualities as diligence, commitment,
honesty, honesty to yourself and others, is the sport that strengthens will power and
of course, health!” My advice, do not hesitate to give children in sport!” — told

Recall, the eldest daughter of the grooves — Alexander former
a professional athlete, with five years, engaged in a great tennis, won
in big tournaments. Unfortunately, a serious back injury forced her to leave
career, and in 2015 it around the clock immersed in the music
creativity. Last year the first sound of the singer Alexia (alias Sasha
Joineu — Approx. ed.) “Will dance”, voiced on one of the radio stations,
not just liked, but also spared many of the stars on the ratings. A few days
she introduced a new song “breathe Me”.

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