Сегодня  блистательная Джина Лоллобриджида  празднует свой 89-й день рождения
Gina admitted that she became an actress “by mistake”.

Сегодня  блистательная Джина Лоллобриджида  празднует свой 89-й день рождения

Gina Lollobrigida

Could the humble parents
little Luigini, as everyone called then Gina Lollobrigida, who lived in a tiny
the town of Subiaco in the centre of Italy, imagine what the future bring
great actress, which will become
the pride of the Italian cinema? Of course,
Luigina was a capable girl. She drew, and sang, and took lessons
acting. But then tell me who her mom and dad that their
daughter will be called the most beautiful woman in the world that she will star in the famous
Directors and movie stars of the first magnitude — they would never believe…

In fact,
the actress claims, she Lollobrigida, she was a “mistake”. “I was
the school of sculpture and painting and wanted to make it my profession”, —
admitted to one Gin. Among other things, to earn a living she began
just as the street artist, drawing cartoons and caricatures of passers-by. And
movie went to star only persuaded mother for money. The first time
she was involved in only a tiny episodes, and it was not too Gina

But after
she took part in the contest “Miss Italy” (this happened after his parents moved to Rome and took the third place, all
changed. Lollobrigida became famous, she began to offer a major role in
movies. A celebrity throughout
the planet she was starring in “Fanfan-the Tulip” by Gerard Philip.

Later in her career
there were many wonderful films. “Beat the devil” (1953), where she played with
Humphrey Bogart. “Bread, love and
fantasy”(1953) with Vittorio de sica, “Trapeze”(1956), in which its partners
became Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster. “Come September” (1961) with Rock Hudson… almost the biggest
glory Gina brought based on the novel by Victor Hugo “heart of Paris
Dame”(1956), where she played Esmeralda. It this role is considered to be closest to the spirit of the novel…

Once Lollobrigida had a chance to Shine
his vocal talent. In the movie “the Most beautiful woman in the world”, she was entrusted
to play the Opera diva Lina Cavalieri. And Gina was able quite successfully
to fulfill all the arias from “Tosca”!

charm actress couldn’t resist one. But she preferred to join in
romance not movie stars, and “mere mortals”. Even married not for a celebrity from the world of show business, and after the usual Yugoslav
doctor Milko of Sofica. She lived with him for 22 years, bore him a son, Milko. After
this was Lollobrigida and other novels
with owner George Kaufman, a cardiac surgeon Christian
Barnard married Gina… But more never came.

Latest on
today of her novels ended sadly. When Gina turned
Age 79, she announced engagement to 45-year-old handsome Javier, Rigau. Alas, her favorite
turned out to be a swindler. Gina, despite the engagement, the relationship with REHAU issue was in no hurry. And even hinted a few times that it is better to leave. And Javier decided it was time for him to take care of themselves. Using found them somewhere a woman like
for Gina, Rigo made her Lollobrigida, and she was married! And after said that he is the rightful husband of the actress and has
right to share her condition. The whole story ended in court
proceedings. Crook was defeated, but Gina was left with a broken heart…

The last time
Lollobrigida has appeared in films in 1997 when she starred in the romantic Comedy
“XXL”. Since then, she devotes all time and energy the realization of their artistic
talents. And by the way, was awarded in this field by many awards. And
2003, at the Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin, was a personal
exhibition of sculptures of the actress, which was a great success.

Gina Lollobrigida in the film ‘ Notre Dame de Paris “

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