Group Serebro showed a master class on erotic fitness

Группа Serebro показала мастер-класс по эротическому фитнесу
Girls presented a remake of the video “Chocolate”.

Photo: Instagram

Group Serebro decided to compensate its fans
the lack of eroticism in the official video for the song “Chocolate”. On the page in social
network Olga Seryabkina posted a very racy video. Although it participants
just do sports, they do it so that the first
comments from loyal fans was only a character: numerous
hearts, thunderbolts and faces. “Great! Sexy! Very sexy!” wrote

The official video for the new hit Serebro “Chocolate” has caused a lot of noise
and controversy.

The fact that the new music mini clip group very
low-key and not like other work of the team. Girls just singing on the makeshift stage, watching the performance from a team of professional
the women’s team synchronized swimming — by the way, specially for the clip preparing Olympic champion Maria Kiseleva.

In the video, very little eroticism which
so typical of this girl trio. Olga Seryabkina was told that a
proud to be in the video took part the real swimmers.

? I promised a surprise ? and here it is) I hope you like it ? I think this Remix is perfect for sports activities! And when you turn it louder, he will get you out on the sport, or even just out for a morning jog ? love this lmaoooo???? and a clickable link in bio #SEREBRO #molly #seryabkina #chocolate @matveyemerson #пцмfamily

A video posted by SEREBRO (@serebro_official) on Jul 4, 2016 at 3:30am PDT

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