Семейство Смиттов поддержало Джейдена на вручении экологической премии

Monday October 22 in Los Angeles held a solemn ceremony of awarding the prize The Environmental Media Awards, which celebrate celebrity, acting with initiatives to respect the environmental balance of our planet. This year one of the award recipients was the son of will and Jada of Smitto Jaden, often acting with initiatives to protect wildlife.

To support the family member came all the relatives – not only parents and younger sister willow, but also the half-brother of Jaden – son of will from a previous marriage, Trey.
The family is not without pleasure posed with 18-year-old statuette for the EMA, which will be presented in the case that the activities of a famous person affects the minds of millions of people, and will for several years, is a representative of the initiative “Just Water” serving for that spring water packaged in containers of recycled materials.
In gratitude and Jaden did not forget to thank my parents and said that the mother and father had always been his role model.

By the way, the award of EMA received and actress Shailene Woodley, who was recently arrested for having participated in the rally against the construction of the pipeline. Recall that the actress was detained by militiamen, and her friends managed to pass without problems. Woodley thinks it was done intentionally, because she is a celebrity. His guilt does not recognize the girl and said, “I want to make sure that my grandchildren will not have to buy drinking water for twenty dollars a bottle, because in the future it was not enough.”