The daughter was talking about addiction Larisa Guzeeva

Дочь рассказала о пагубной зависимости Ларисы Гузеевой

Larisa Guzeeva always quite Frank with the audience. In the framework of the program “let’s get married” where Larissa plays the leading role, she often recalls his life story, which often amuse everyone present in the Studio. But something Guzeeva still reserves for itself, not wanting and not believing it necessary to share some homemade secrets.

To take responsibility for the distribution of my mother’s secrets has solved the daughter of actress 16 – year-old Olga.

The girl who next year plans to enroll in the graduate school of design, spoke about according to mom. By the way, Olga guilty Guzeeva now engaged and are immersed in a new case.

She says that her famous mother is dependent on social networks. “Previously, my mother was an ordinary touchtone phone, but then I gave her smartphone, and her life changed forever – she’s got instagram, Now in between the cooking and the cleaning it releases a gadget from hand. But it does not consider itself the Internet-dependent – gets annoyed when I make a remark to her”- the girl told the press.