Rose Sabitova in the horror of what her son is Dating a 40 year old woman

Роза Сябитова в ужасе от того, что ее сын встречается с 40-летней женщиной

The first country matchmaker Rose Sabitova can be called a shoemaker without shoes. Equipping personal life traded her clients for family happiness it is not yet found.

However, all thoughts Sabitova lately are not so much her personal well-being, how happiness of her children. A year ago, rose has organized a wedding of his daughter Xenia. Now the matchmaker’s task is to marry his son to a suitable and decent girl. Search lady heart rose is now engaged. While Sabitova did not care about the fact that the son is already in love with another woman.

Potential daughter-in-law is not like the rose. The fact that the beloved young man older than him by 15 years, and it is not like Sabitova. The matchmaker treats darling with contempt and does not hide it. “Mom, meet my fiancée!” — such ideas were not. Therefore such it is not considered. If the son is not showing, it says something?! I don’t let this relationship. Needs someone to wash his socks for him, to cook, to have sex with him. Better to do an experienced woman that will teach you everything. And that’s who she is (no offense), I’m not interested,” said the star.

Sabitova said that in the end, the son would have to find a girl who will not only meet all but also bear him children. Which at the moment can’t do his adult fiancee: “”Let gets to his feet, and learns. His passion the son is the same age as my son. That is, the children she did not birth. She needs to understand that the “someone else’s loaf did not open his mouth”.