The fall of a Titan: how Harvey Weinstein lost everything after harassment scandal

Падение титана: как Харви Вайнштейн лишился всего после скандала с домогательствами A few days in October, the influential Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein lost his job, reputation, wife, and friends in high places. Next on the list for possible losses of freedom and a lot of money.
Падение титана: как Харви Вайнштейн лишился всего после скандала с домогательствами

Hollywood always knew that Harvey was violent, aggressive, prone to fits of rage. His habit to assert Actresses for roles across the bed, too, was not for anybody a secret. On the question of why no one complained, women give one set of reasons: “We were ashamed, we were afraid, wanted to keep/get a job.”

The madness of the brave

The shameful wall of silence around Weinstein began to crumble on March 31, 2015, when the 22-year-old model from Italy Amber Battilana Gutierrez contacted the new York police Department with a complaint of sexual harassment. She stated that Weinstein grabbed her breast and slipped my hand under her skirt. American tabloids at the instigation of Harvey began to call a girl a blackmailer, a seeker of cheap popularity. Has information that Amber participated in orgies Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and has already tried to sue some elderly rich man for sexual harassment. “It is impossible, – said Amber. I’m OCD. Father beat mother, since I instinctively recoil whenever someone reaches out”.

The police Smell told him to return to the Weinstein attached to telemegaphone and provoke it to recognition. Harvey told her I used to miss women for different places. But when he took the Amber in the room, the girl escaped. Without hard evidence, the police refused to press charges, but baiting Amber continued. The confessions of the model, it did not work even in new York restaurants. Many victims of Harvey bite his tongue, fearing the same fate, but for someone to act Amber was the signal to attack.

Падение титана: как Харви Вайнштейн лишился всего после скандала с домогательствами

Rules of removal

Actress Ashley Judd, on 6 October 2015, without naming names, said that in his youth, was subjected to assault by the “most influential Hollywood producer”. She was invited to a business meeting in hotel Beverly hills, but eventually were directed to a room where a man appeared before her in a swimsuit and forced to watch as he takes a shower and starts to masturbate. Other women, who were interviewed journalist New York Times, repeated the story nearly word for word. For Asia Argento, rose McGowan and Lucia Evans interview with Weinstein over the rape. Latest recalls that Harvey has moved her head and didn’t let go until she was engaged in oral sex with him. Lucia made neurosis and broke up with dreams of an acting career.

Angelina Jolie said that also had a “bad experience” with Harvey, then not filmed it myself and do not advise others. Gwyneth Paltrow, which the producer felt up before filming the movie “Emma,” complained then-boyfriend brad pitt. He threatened Harvey, what will drive it in the asphalt, when he once again hurt Gwennie, although such an act could cost the young actor’s career. Nevertheless Gwyneth and brad subsequently starred in the Weinstein projects, and the victim of a rape Asia Argento was even his mistress.


After the article Weinstein joked: “It’s such a good story that I’m filming a movie”.

Finally, after two years since the first charge, justice prevails: the Board of Directors of The Weinstein Co. led by brother Robert Harvey was fired from his own company and plans to change its name. 10 Oct Georgina Chapman announced that filing for divorce: “I’m doing this out of solidarity with women victims from the actions of my husband.” “Repentance” was held in Georgina, all these years, the former aware of the weaknesses Harvey, once the largest jewelry firm stopped working with Marchesa.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are too quick to renounce a former supporter. Before leaving, Weinstein for treatment of his eldest daughter from his first marriage, Remi told 911 that the father is in depression and thinks about suicide. “Remy alarmed – said relatives of the producer. Harvey intends to fight for a second chance”. The problem is that if the police can prove the facts of rape, to fight, Harvey will be able only in 25 years will spend in prison.

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