Pregnant Yelena Isinbayeva showed a big belly

Беременная Елена Исинбаева показала большой живот
Athlete leads a very active lifestyle.

Photo: Instagram

Yelena Isinbayeva is in her last months of pregnancy, but “interesting position” does not prevent her to lead their usual lifestyle. Elena safely fly on airplanes across the country, visits the secular and sports events. So, in mid-October, she flew to Sochi at the world festival of Youth and Students. Then accompanied the Ambassador of Monaco in his hometown of Volgograd, where naaawww gave him a tour of the sights. He returned to Moscow, where all the days spent in the office of his charitable organization, held meetings and participated in several events. Managed to play a few shows on TV, for example, in the “Relish” with Ivan Urgant. And now Elena again flew to Volgograd, where the Round of the world Cup FIFA.

The event dedicated to the presentation of the Cup, which in 2018 will receive the winning team of the Championships, Isinbayeva came in a dress that didn’t hide a huge belly athletes. Before she tried to hide behind bulky clothes or scarves, but now, in the last months, belly have grown so much that you hide it there’s no point. If this goes on, then the second child Isinbayeva will be born not in Monaco, where resides the Helen, and in Moscow.

Recall that the gymnast is preparing for the birth of the second child, it became known in July. The figure Isinbayeva was not noticeable, but her “rented” a friend of Tina Kandelaki. “Karjakin became a father for the second time, Yelena Isinbayeva is also waiting for the second!” — shared TV presenter with the media, even though the athlete wasn’t ready at that time to tell you about his “interesting situation”.